Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is designed for families who would like advice around one or more aspect of their child's sleep and would like to discuss the issues in detail. This service also includes follow up support which is important to ensure everything goes smoothly and any adjustments can be made if needed. It also allows you to ask as many questions as you like along the way.



  • A detailed questionnaire for you to fill out prior to our initial phone call letting me know about you and your baby and your current sleep concerns

  • 45-60 minute phone consultation to discuss details and strategies which you feel comfortable with.

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment and bespoke sleep plan tailor made to suit your parenting style and your baby's temperament, emailed to you after our intial phone consultation.

  • 2 weeks of support including 6 scheduled phone calls.

  • Unlimited* text support during follow up period

  • Bonus Feed and Sleep Routines up to 3 years


I will contact you shortly after purchasing with a Welcome Pack including your questionnaire and a link to book a time for your phone consultation.


* Text support available Monday to Saturday, 8am and 7pm.


**Please note:  If you are unable to book in to any of the available times, I am happy to arrange an alternative, just send through an email to let me know.


Platinum Package


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