Newborn Sleep Guide (0-12 Weeks)

Do you have a newborn or currently expecting?


This NEWBORN SLEEP GUIDE is a 46 page digital PDF download full of all the information you need to know on how to survive the first 12 weeks with a newborn.


It's never too early to set up healthy sleep foundations.


This guide includes advice on;


  •  Routines and sleep expectations
  •  Colic and reflux
  •  SIDS and Safe Sleep
  •  Sleep Hygiene

      - Sleep environment

      - Timing

      - Understanding sleep cues

      - Pre-sleep rituals

  •  Temperaments
  •  Tools for calming a fussy baby
  •  Settling methods
  •  Feeding and much more


A great resource for new mums or even parents expecting their second, third or fourth baby. Learn how to set your baby up for sleep success right from the beginning.


Newborn Sleep Guide (0-12 Weeks)


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