Express Phone Consultation

The Express Phone Consultation is my most affordable package and is great for parents who have a good understadnig of sleep already but have one or two issue they just can't seem to crack. Some of the common concerns for parents who choose this service are early morning wakes, sudden changes in routine, nap or bedtime refusal.



  • 30-45 minute phone consultation where we discuss your concerns
  • I will give you guidance focusing on your main concerns which you will be able to start using that day.
  • Age appropriate feed and sleep routines (ages 3 weeks through to 3 years) emailed to you after the phone call, valued at $9.95.


This package does not include a written plan or any follow up support, so make sure you have a pen and paper ready.


You will be provided with a link to book in a time for your Express Phone Consultation once your purchase is complete.


*Please note:  If you are unable to book in to any of the available times, I am happy to arrange an alternative, just send through an email to let me know.


Express Phone Consultation


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