My Email Consultation is perfect for time poor parents as it allows you to complete your intake questionnaire in your own time without needing to schedule a call. It is designed for families who feel they need some guidance with settling techniques, sleep regressions, dropping naps, cot to bed transitions, or general routine etc.



  • A detailed questionnaire for you to fill out letting me know about your current sleep concerns.

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment and personalised sleep plan focusing on your main concerns, tailor made to suit your parenting style and your baby that you will be able to refer back to time and time again.

  • 7 days of follow up support including unlimited* text support during the initial three days followed by two scheduled phone calls.


I will contact you shortly after purchasing this service and send you a Welcome Pack which includes a detailed questionnaire as well as some other helpful information. Once you have completed the questionnaire, simply email it back and I will assess your information and write up your customised sleep plan which you will receive within 2 business days and be able to implement immediately.


*text support available between 8am and 7pm.

Email Consultation + 1 Week Support


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