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Quick sleep guide - cover image.png

Wondering how long your baby can stay awake between naps? How much sleep they should be getting during the day or overnight? Struggling to find a routine?


This downloadable PDF sleep guide provides information around your little one's sleep needs from 4 months through to 3 years old. It includes;


  • Average awake times

  • Day sleep requirements

  • Night sleep requirements

  • Recommended nap times and lengths

  • Sleep tips for each age group


This is a quick reference guide that you can look back over time and time again as your baby grows to help adjust their naps or routine as their sleep needs change.


Perfect if you have two young children or another on the way. Take the guess work out of your little one's ever changing sleep.


Quick Sleep Guide

4 Months to 3 Years

Feed and Sleep Routines - cover image.pn

This guide provides comprehensive feed and sleep routines for newborns 3 weeks old through to toddlers 3 years old.


Perfect for families who love routine but don't know where to start.

Do you have a toddler and a newborn? This one guide will help set up a routine for both!


The suggested routines work in line with your little one's natural sleep rhythms to help acheive more restorative, quality sleep.


  • Help tackle early morning wakes

  • Know when to transition to fewer naps

  • Encourage longer, restorative sleep

  • Best times for milk feeds and when to offer solids

  • Help prevent over tiredness which can cause frequent night wakes

Purchase and download instatntly to start your new routine today!


Feed and Sleep Routines

3 Weeks to 3 Years