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Email and Phone



​This is my most affordable package and is designed for families who want to talk to a professional and get some advice which they can implement immediately. Some of the common concerns for parents who choose this service are; Early morning wakes, sudden changes in routine, nap or bedtime refusal, frequent night wakes and sleep associations. This package does not include a written plan, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy.


  • 45 minute phone consultation where you can ask me any questions about your little one's sleep.

  • Guidance focusing on your main concerns with science based information which you will be able to put into practice the same day.

  • Age appropriate feed and sleep routines (ages 3 weeks through to 3 years) emailed to you after the phone call, valued at $9.95.


Express Phone Consultation


This package is perfect for time poor parents as it  allows you to complete your intake questionnaire in your own time, without needing to schedule a call. It is designed for families who feel they need some guidance with settling techniques, sleep regressions, dropping naps, cot to bed transitions, or general routine etc. You will be given a personalised plan focusing on your main sleep concerns, sleep environment, nutrition, settling techniques and routines that you will be able to refer back to time and time again. This package also includes 7 days of support to help you through the first week of implementing the changes.


  • A detailed questionnaire for you to fill out letting me know about you and your baby and your current sleep concerns.

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment and personalised sleep plan focusing on your main concerns, tailor made to suit your parenting style and your baby.

  • 7 days of follow up support including unlimited text support during the initial three days followed by two scheduled phone calls or emails if preferred.


Email Consultation


This service allows you to talk to me about your little one's sleep in detail. You will be able to discuss one on one what your main concerns are, talk about your parenting style, your baby's temperament, and what your goals are. I will go over sleep environment, nutrition, settling techniques and routines, and you will be able to ask as many questions as you like. You will then be provided with a personalised plan detailing everything we discussed with 14 days of follow up support.



  • Initial 45 minute phone consultation.

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment and personalised sleep plan tailor made to suit your parenting style and your baby.

  • 14 days of follow up support including unlimited text support during the initial three days followed by four scheduled phone calls.


Premium Phone Consultation


I can provide a consultation and support for more than one of your children if necessary. For a small fee you will receive a personalised assessment, sleep plan and support for each additional child.

Choose your preferred consultation package at checkout then add any additional siblings as required.

$80 per additional child

Multiples and Siblings

Baby's Grasp

Each package includes follow up support while you implement the plan (except the express phone consultation). This will be enough time for you to see huge improvements in your child's sleep. However, if you feel you would like a little more time to feel confident before moving ahead on your own, let me know and you can purchase an extra week of support within 3 months of receiving your written plan.

$50 per week

Additional Support

Baby Siblings

This service is for previous clients who have already had success teaching their child to be an independent sleeper but need a little help to get back on track after a regression or unexpected change in sleep patterns. Some common reasons why a good sleeper may regress are; Nap transitions, cot to bed transitions, bringing home a new baby, travel, sickness, moving house, or a lapse in routine.


  • A 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your new concern(s).

  • A revision of your previous plan.

  • 7 days of follow up support by phone, text or email.


Refresher Consultation

I am currently on maternity leave. I will commence consultations in February 2020.

Contact me to secure one of the first spots of the year.