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There is currently a 2 week waiting period for Phone Consultations.

Book online to secure your spot. 

--- Express Phone Consultation ---

Your child is already a pretty good sleeper, however they may have an early morning wake you just can't crack, or they struggled through a nap transition, or perhaps their sleep regressed when you brought home a new baby.

This consultation is a 30-45 minute phone call where we can discuss your current concerns and come up with some solutions for you to put into place immediately.

You will also be emailed a copy of my Feed and Sleep Routine Guide (3 weeks - 3 years) at the end of the call, valued at $9.95.

This consultation doesn't include a written plan or follow up support, so make sure you have a pen and paper ready.



--- Email Consultation ---

This package is perfect for time-poor parents who may not have time to schedule a long phone call. You will complete a detailed questionnaire in your own time and I will prepare a personalised plan based on the information provided. All correspondence can be done via email.


This package can be purchased with or without 7 days of follow up support while you start implementing the changes. Which includes three days of unlimited text and two follow up emails or two 10 minute phone calls. 

If you purchase this package without follow up support, this can be purchased separately within 3 months of receiving your plan if you feel you would like the extra guidance. 

Without support - $95

With support - $135


--- Premium Phone Consultation ---

My most popular comprehensive package. You will complete a detailed questionnaire followed by a 45-60 minute phone call with me. We will discuss all your concerns and goals and come up with a plan together which suits you and your family. I will prepare and email you the personalised plan covering everything we discuss. 


This package also includes either one or two weeks of follow up support while you start implementing the changes.

With 1 week support - $185

With 2 weeks support - $225


--- Refresher Consultation ---

For previous clients who have already had success teaching their child to be an independent sleeper but need a little help to get back on track after a regression or unexpected change in sleep patterns. Some common reasons why a good sleeper may regress are; Nap transitions, cot to bed transitions, bringing home a new baby, travel, sickness, moving house, or a lapse in routine.

Includes a 30 minute phone discussion, a revision of your previous plan and 7 days follow up support via text, phone or email.



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