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Helping Babies and Toddlers Sleep

Using a gentle and holistic approach

How I Can Help

Are you and your family sleep deprived because of your baby's poor sleep? Do you feel anxious at bedtime? Is your baby catnapping during the day? Waking frequently through the night? Are they an early riser? Is your baby fed, cuddled or rocked to sleep? Does your toddler resist naps or bedtime? Or do you want to ditch the dummy? These are just some of the common concerns parents have about their child's sleep.

I can help create gentle solutions for your baby and toddler's sleep.  I will assess the big picture including sleep environment, feeding/nutrition, routines, sleep associations and settling methods. I'll discuss with you the reasons why your little one may be struggling with sleep and how to resolve the issues, so you feel confident and empowered to continue great sleep habits long into the future.

You will walk away with a personalised plan focusing on your main concerns which suits your parenting style and your baby's temperament and you will be able to implement the changes immediately. I also provide close follow up support while you get used to the changes and answers all your questions along the way.

I am internationally certified and can work remotely with families from all over the world.

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“Let them sleep, for when they wake, they will move mountains.”