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Are you and your family sleep deprived? Do you feel anxious at bedtime? Is your baby catnapping during the day? Waking frequently or for extended periods through the night? Are they an early riser? Are you tired of feeding, rocking or bouncing to sleep? Does your child resist naps or bedtime? Do you feel like your current situation is not sustainable? You are not alone. These are just some of the common concerns parents have about their child's sleep.

I work with families to discover why their child struggles with sleep and help create solutions.  Unlike traditional sleep consultants, I will assess the big picture; including medical history, sleep environment, feeding/nutrition, routines, sleep associations and settling methods. Every family is different. We will discuss your concerns and your goals. My mission is to educate and empower parents to feel confident in their ability to continue great sleep habits long into the future.

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Caroline Tapia

Internationally certified infant and child sleep consultant.

Mother of three.

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